Consultation Request

Please inform us of the services you are interested in so we may book your consultation accordingly. For most of our consultations, we will send you a consultation form ahead of time to fill out and return to us . We will then book a virtual consultation with one of our Service Providers.

PLEASE NOTE: Colour Services are not available to book online due to the varying times allotted for each type of colour application!

Feel Free to give us a call to Book your Colour Service so we can ensure that it is booked accordingly for best results!

Colour Services

A consultation is required for all new colour guests so there can be a shared vision to determine the  time needed, products, and costs to give you the Look you are wanting to achieve.

Please check the colour service(s) you would like.


Specialty Services

A consultation is recommended for all specialty services so we can book the right amount of time for your appointment.

Please check the specialty service(s) you would like.

Request for Consultation

Colour Services

Specialty Services

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